About Us

Engage Consult Company Limited is a Tanzanian private consulting firm based in the Dodoma City Council. Engage Consult is committed to providing innovative technical solutions and advice in a wide range of client’s needs. We are determined to provide cost-effective technical advice to all our clients so that they increase their productivity, service delivery and even accountability to the people they serve. We are well known for as a Centre for innovative solutions. We are also committed to supporting the government in creating jobs for junior graduates, and subsequently contributing to the economic development of the country through tax payments.

Engage Consult Co. Ltd was established in 2018 with the Registration No: 138412784 which is incorporated under the Companies Act of 2002 and that the firm is Limited. The firm boasts of consultants with diverse skills and experience across the socio-economic development sectors. The main focus of the company is to conduct high quality research, development of policies, systems and strategic plans, policy advocacy as well as to provide training services in a variety of professional areas for individuals and institutions. In addition, consistent with the national priorities; Engage Consult Co. Ltd strives to inspire individual researchers and firms to become agents of change, and to enhance their contribution to social transformation. Moreover, Engage Consult Co. Ltd employs participatory and non-participatory approaches to our respectful clients, applies models and tools and advanced technology to provide technical support to clients.

Our philosophy is always to provide unsurpassed technical consulting services to our clients through a thorough understanding of their expectations, needs, deliverable requirements, budgets and other requirements. We strive to offer our services in a manner to instill trust and to allow our clients to be more efficient and profitable. We believe that this is the most important thing in the foundation of our business. If our clients can realize progress by using our services then we come to a conclusion that we have done our job well. All the staff is personally trained by Engage Consult Co. Ltd to understand their role in the firm. More importantly, based on the way Engage Consult teams are assembled, trained, educated and scheduled to meet our clients’ expectations; clients can be assured of our best quality services not offered by anyone else in the industry.

Our Services

Engage Consult offers five main consultancy services which are inclined in the sectors such as health, education, water and sanitation, gas industry, economy and investments , agriculture and nutrition, environmental and natural resources management and geology, governance, and decentralisation, public finance and microfinance, law ,community development and social welfare.

    i.Development of Policies, Plans and Systems: the company provides quality consultancy services across various sectors in Tanzania and beyond. These services also include supporting clients on business development and proposal development projects and programs aiming at addressing socio-economic issues in Tanzania, as well as providing technical service to conduct and facilitate designs of systems, budget brief, monitoring and evaluation systems, policies and strategic plans for individuals, NGOs, CSOs, and public organizations. We also offer services related to technical editing of documents with high quality and implanting projects on behalf of other NGOs and the government.

    ii. Research: the company has invested in carrying out high quality assessments, operational research, basic and applied research and action-oriented research, baseline survey, and evaluation related to socio-economic development issues across many sectors in Tanzania and beyond.

    iii. Capacity Building: we train clients from both private and public sectors in areas related to service delivery particularly in agriculture, food security and livestock development, industrial development, local economic development, water development, forest and natural resource management, health, education planning, economic and microfinance, Public finance, human resources management, rural and community development, decentralization and local governance, good governance, leadership and management in Tanzania and beyond.

    iv. Policy Advocacy: we promote the use of evidence and data to influence policy change. We also provide technical advice on review and analysis of policies, systems and strategic plans to NGOs, private and public organizations.

    v. Translation, Interpretation, and Editing services: We offer language services in various settings such as conference interpreting to service a conference or meeting with participants who speak different languages. We provide specialized simultaneous interpretation services for training seminars and / workshops, industry conferences, sales’ meetings, site-tours, or government officials’ meetings on an international agenda. We are the complete language solution provider for events as well as translation and editing of documents. Our team of translators and language experts work in a variety of languages such as Kiswahili English, French, Portuguese, Chinese, German, Korean and Arabic to mention just few. In this regard, we provide professional simultaneous and consecutive interpreters and translators who are native speakers of the language and who have in-depth knowledge of the subject matter. In addition, our interpreters have a high level of expertise and extensive experience in this field. This ensures that the interpretation, translation and editing services you receive are of the highest quality and accuracy.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be the best company that provides demand-driven consultancy services to our clients, our passion derives from creativity and innovations, and our will to make it materialise .

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide demand-driven technical and innovative solutions such as development of policies, plans, systems and models, baseline survey and evaluation of projects and systems, review of strategic plans, socio economic profiles and policies, design of programs and models, coaching and capacity building, and technical editing of documents to our public and private clients in Tanzania and beyond in the areas of health systems, education management and Planning, economy, Public Finance and microfinance, Natural resource management, Social welfare, Mining and Gas industry, Industrial and Local Economic Development, Local Governance and Decentralisation, WASH, Child and social protection, Tourism and Marketing using both participatory and non participatory approaches, Consortium and ICT propelled innovations. Finally, bridging the language and communication barriers by offering highly professional and/ expert translation and editing services that meet the expectation of our clients be at conferences, seminars, workshops , documentary reviews etc.