Our Associate Consultants

We work in collaboration with a number of experienced consultants in various areas; We associate them using MOU that we sign in the course of implementing our projects.

Dr Oswald Mashindano

Dr Oswald Mashindano is an associate Consultant at Engage Consult. Co. LTD He holds a Ph D degree in Economics from the University of Dar-es-Salaam (1998). He is currently a Treasury Registrar at the Ministry of Finance and Planning (MoFP). Before that he was a Lecturer of Economics at the University of Dar-es-Salaam. He also worked with the Economic and Social Research Foundation (ESRF) for 6 years as a Senior Research Fellow and Coordinator of Research and Monitoring. He is the co-author and editor of a number of books and journal articles. The published books include Climate, Food, Trade: Analysis of Institutional Interplay and Information Sharing (2015), CUTS International Geneva; Climate, Food and Trade: Where is the Policy Nexus, (2013) Tanzania, CUTS International – Geneva; Translating Growth into Poverty Reduction: Beyond the Numbers, (2013) Mkuki na Nyota, Dar-es-Salaam; Deepening Integration in SADC: Tanzania – Torn between EAC and SADC; (2007) Economic and Social Research Foundation (SRF) and Friedrich Ebert Stiftung (FES). Other books are How Can Tanzania Move from Poverty to Prosperity; Dar-es-Salaam University Press, Dar-es-Salaam (2015); Globalization and Development Challenges in Tanzania, (2006) Dar-es-Salaam University Press (DUP); Maendeleo Stahimilivu (Sustainable Development); (2002) Dar-es-Salaam University Press (DUP); Tourism Growth and Sustainable Development; (2002) Dar-es-Salaam University Press (DUP); Tourism Growth and Sustainable Development; Dar-es-Salaam University Press (DUP); How Can Tanzania Move from Poverty to Prosperity (DUP); Climate, Food, Trade: Analysis of Institutional Interplay and Information Sharing (CUTS International, Geneva); and Climate, Food and Trade: Where is the Policy Nexus, (CUTS International, Geneva). He has also been teaching and researching in areas of agricultural economics; rural development; policy analysis; Finance; governance and local government.

Dr Awene Gavyole

Dr. Awene Gavyole is an Associate Consultant at Engage Consult Co. LTD. He is currently a freelance Public Health Consultant. He is a medical doctor specialising in public health in the areas of health systems management, health promotion, and disease control and prevention. He holds a Degree of Doctor of Medicine, Masters in Primary Health Care, and Postgraduate Diploma in Health Systems Management. Gavyole worked for the Government of Tanzania as a manager of health services at district, regional and national levels Later on he worked for Amref Health Africa in health programmes development and management, evaluative and operational research in areas of reproductive health, HIV/AIDS and sexually transmitted infections (STIs). Gavyole also worked as a National Professional Officer at the WHO Country Office in Tanzania. His main duties at WHO included provision of technical support to the Ministry of Health and partners for adoption of global policies, guidelines and standards for HIV/AIDS and TB into national health documents and implementation. His consultancy experience includes project proposal development, management and evaluation. He has also supported development of short, medium and long-term strategic and implementation plans.

Ms. Melina Mgongo

Melina Mgongo is the Associate Consultant at Engage Consult Co. LTD. She is a nutritionist working with Better Health for African Mother and Child in Moshi. She has worked in the field of nutrition for more than ten years. Currently, she is pursuing Ph.D degree studies at the university of Olso . Her professional interest focuses on research related to child nutrition. The current projects that she is working on include research on breast-feeding practices in Kilimanjaro region, assessment of child nutritional status and infant and young child feeding in Kilimanjaro region and designing for a breastfeeding intervention at Majengo health centre: Pilot study in collaboration with BHAMC and Cornell University ).In addition, she works with KCMUCo as a guest lecturer in the area of nutrition. She teaches and supervises medical students in their research activities. Lead nutritional assessment on end-line evaluation of food fortification pilot program in 6 districts in Arusha & Iringa regions, Tanzania, family planning evaluation program in Arusha, Better Immunization Data in Arusha.

Mr. Masele Mgabo

Mgabo is an associate Consultant at Engage Consult Co. LTD. He holds both Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Socology, majoring in Medical Sociology and Anthropology He has over 19 years of working experience in different capacities (Researcher, Consultant, Lecturing at Higher Learning Institutions). His specific skills include: Health Planning and Management by using various contemporary approaches such as Evidence Based Health Management (EBHM), Designing, Planning and Management of Social Economic Projects and Programmes; Conducting applied research (Baseline surveys, Monitoring and Evaluation) and Developing Strategic plans and Social Policies. Mgabo has a wide knowledge on health and Social development Planning and Management. He has extensively offered consultancy services in areas of Water, Health, Agriculture and Natural Resources; Baseline Surveys; Monitoring and Evaluation; Group Dynamics; Behavior Changes and Communication He is currently is working with The Institute of Rural Development Planning as a Senior Lecturer in Social Development Planning and Population Studies. Apart from academic responsibilities; Mgabo has been widely involved in Research and Consultancy. He is capable of working in team, able to organize small and big teams; he is good at communication skills, problem-solving and sustainable solution designing.

MS. Elizabeth Landa

Elizabeth Landa is an Associate of Engage Consult.Co. LTD She is a lecturer at the School of Public Administration and Management, Mzumbe University. She has more than seven years of experience in teaching, outreach, consultancy and research experience in Public Administration, Public policy, Research Methodology and Governance. Elizabeth holds a Bachelor’s degree in Public Administration (Human Resources Management) and Master’s degree in Public Administration.

Mr. Yohana James Mgale

Mr. Yohana James Mgale is an associate Consultant at Engage Consult.Co. LTD He is an agro- economist with research interests in farm business economics and management, adoption, efficiency, impact evaluation studies as well as value chain analysis. He holds a Master’s of Science Degree in Economics together with Bachelor of Science degree in Agricultural Economics and Agribusiness. Currently he is a Ph.D student specialising in the Discipline of Agricultural Economics and Management. His recent research and consultancy works have covered the evaluation of agricultural research impacts, determinants of farm productivity and investment, benefit-cost analysis of alternative strategies for promoting improved input use, and linking farm household models with climate change and crop models. He uses a combination of quantitative and qualitative research methods to support improved policy evaluation. Apart from consultancy works, Yohana is a lecturer and a researcher at the Institute of Rural Development Planning, Dodoma, where he teaches courses in applied economics at the undergraduate level.

Mr. Gasper Kisinza

Mr.Kisinza is an associate Consultant at Engage Consult Co. LTD. He is an Administrative and Human Resource Management Consultant. He holds a Master’s Degree of Science in Human Resource Management and a Bachelor’s degree in Public Administration- majoring in Human Resource Management from Mzumbe University [MU]. His research interests are on meritocracy in recruitment and selection, efficacy of staff training and labour surveys and Human resource performance management and appraisal. Furthermore, he is a Senior Administration and Human Resource Manager as well as Assistant Lecturer. at the Institute of Rural Development Planning. He has extensive experience of working in areas of capacity building and facilitation in leadership, fundamental rights, protection and collective bargaining. In addition to that he has been involved in facilitation of learning and coaching in administrative issues, training on good governance, leadership skills and conducting capacity needs assessment (CNA) for public and private organisations using participatory approaches, models and theories as framework for rational decision-making. Currently he has published in areas of meritocracy in recruitment and selection, efficacy of staff training in Local government Authorities (LGAs) in Tanzania and decline of morality among students in higher learning institutions in Tanzania.

Mr. Petro Basil

Petro Basil is an associate Consultant at Engage Consult Co. LTD. He holds a Master’s of Arts degree in Translation and Interpreting Studies from the University of Rwanda, a Bachelor of Arts degree in French language from the University of Algiers 2, a Certificate of French language from the Saad Dahleb de Blida University. He is currently working as a French language instructor at the University of Dodoma. He has also been working as a Freelance Conference Interpreter & Translator from 2012 up-to-date. Moreover, from January 4, 2012 up-to July 1, 2014 he worked as a French language instructor at the French cultural and linguistic centre based in Arusha [Alliance Francaise d’Arusha]. In addition, he has done various consultancy works for instance: From 2nd - 11th May, 2018: he worked as a French Translator and Reviser for the COMESA Legal Drafting Sub-committee Meeting in Kigali, Rwanda. From 2nd up-to 4th June 2015 he worked as a French to English Conference interpreter for the 44th Nile Basin Technical Advisory Committee meeting in Dodoma, Tanzania. From 23rd up-to 25th July, 2014: he worked as a French to English Translator for the AU Expert Group Workshop on the development of a Curriculum Guide for Customs Administration for the CFTA and Regional Integration held in Dar es Salaam. From 30th, September up-to 5th October, 2013: he worked as English to French and vice versa interpreter for the Farm Radio International Country Directors’ workshop in Arusha. From 2013 up-to 2014: he worked as a Translator, editor and reviser of documents [English to Swahili and vice versa] ranging from Agriculture, Tourism, and Banking and Financial Services industry in Arusha. Moreover, Basil specialises in Research in Humanities and Social Sciences, Modern teaching approaches, Advanced language translation & interpreting skills, Advanced revising & editing of documents’ skills, Internal and external communications, Advanced English & French language skills, Report writing skills (rapporteur). He is also a computer literate mastering skills such as most common word processing and spreadsheet suites: Word, Excel, PowerPoint, PDF & WORD docs’ converters, Translation soft-wares: Word Fast, Trados etc.

Dr.Kelvin Oswin Haule

Dr. Kelvin Oswin Haule is an associate Consultant at Engage Consult Co. LTD. He is a social scientist holding a Ph.D degree in urban studies and Livelihoods. He also holds a PGD in Poverty and Policy Analysis from ESRF/REPOA/ISS of Erasmus University. At different times, he has been engaged in research activities on GBV and VAC, SRH, VCT and PMTCT as an Enumerator and Assistant Researcher. Having undertaken a master’s degree in Development Studies, he also has diverse skills, and knowledge on project planning, management, policy analysis, and poverty analysis. As an academician for over nine years, he has experience in academic, research and consultancies in the area of development studies, environmental and social studies. As a member of the Tanzania Schools of Social Work Program (TESWEP), he has undergone various short courses’ training on Social Work, curriculum development for Social Work and advocated for social work practices on behalf of AIHA and TESWEP. This background has equipped him with diverse skills and knowledge to advocate and lobby for the minority, children, women, MVCs and OVCs.

Dr. Joel Johnson Mmasa

Dr. Joel Johnson Mmasa is an associate Consultant at Engage Consult Co. LTD. He is also a lecturer of economics at the University of Dodoma. He has published widely in the areas of value chain development, social protection, development economics and economic growth focusing primarily on developing countries..At the University he is a member of several boards. He has worked with organisations like REPOA, COSTECH, SNV and ACTION AID Tanzania. In 2016, Dr Mmasa was engaged in Notes Writing- during the Tanzania Diagnostic Trade Integration Study (DTIS) (Country Report) under auspices of the World Bank (WB). He has done various consultancies and outreach works. He has numerous publications in international journals. He is conversant with various software including “R”, SPSS, SAS and STATA. Currently, he is engaged in a project named: The Impact of Fiscal Reforms on Poverty and Income Distribution” under Partnership for Economic Policy (PEP)”. Before coming to academia, he worked for a variety of organizations including Action For Relief and Development Assistance (AFREDA) in Food security, livelihood and water Projects, a joint programme implemented by Four NGOs such as Lays Volunteers international Association (LVIA), Women and Poverty Alleviation of Tanzania (WOPATA) and INADES Formation Tanzania under the support of Intermon Oxfam. Moreover, Dr Mmasa prepared and authored the Dodoma Municipal Strategic plan 2017 – 2022 and establishment of four (4) districts Investment Profile i.e Bahi, Chemba, Kongwa and Mpwapwa. He is now a head of the department of Economics and Statistics at the University of Dodoma.