Mr. Steven Mwaseba

Steven Mwaseba is a consultant with Engage Consult Co Ltd. He has masters of art degree in Economics, also a bachelor of art degree older in Economics and Geography. Mwaseba is now working with the Institute of Rural Development Planning as a lecturer and coordinator of programme. He worked with MK research learning centre as research officer and education facilitator and also Nkasi secondary school as a teacher. He has had experience research on Microeconomic and monetary economics issues, training and consultancies. He has worked on a number of local and donor assignments including those related to evaluation of a program and preparation of socio-economic and investment profiles. His areas of expertise are Econometrics analysis, Monetary Economics, education issues and; Macroeconomics and Macroeconomics in general. Mwaseba is well experienced in managing data by using computer software like SPSS and STATA, also by using electronic agriculture library(TEEAL and AGORA).