Development of Policies, Plans and Systems

The company provides quality consultancy services across several sectors in Tanzania and globally at large. These services are also extended to supporting clients on business development and proposal development - projects and programs aiming at addressing socio-economic issues in Tanzania, as well as providing technical service to conduct and facilitate designs of systems, budget brief, monitoring and evaluation systems, policies and strategic plans for individuals, NGOs, CSOs, and public organizations. We also offer services related to technical editing of documents with high quality and implanting projects on behalf of other NGOs and the government.


The company has invested in carrying out high quality assessments, operational research, basic and applied research and action oriented research, baseline survey, and evaluation related to socio-economic development issues across many sectors in Tanzania and globally at large.

Capacity Building

We train clients from both private and public sectors in the areas related to service delivery particularly in agriculture, food security and livestock development, industrial development, local economic development, water development, forest and natural resource management, health, education planning , economic and microfinance, Public finance, human resources management, rural and community development, decentralization and local governance, good governance, leadership and management in Tanzania and globally at large.

Policy Advocacy

We promote use of evidence and data to influence policy change. We also provide technical advice on review and analysis of policies, systems and strategic plans for NGOs, private and public organizations.